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Old Town San Diego Attractions

All the following attractions are located within or near Old Town San Diego.

The Whaley House Museum
The Whaley House Museum is a historic home within the Old Town of San Diego that offers visitors the chance to take walking tours and learn a little bit about the history of the house. The home was first constructed in 1857 and continues to stand to this day. This landmark was once home to none other than Thomas Whaley himself and family, but also served as a location for Mr. Whaley's General Store. Through the many troubles that the family had seen over the years, including a fire in the store, the death of baby Thomas Jr. and a suicide within the home, the property is now said to be one of the most haunted homes in the city.

Sheriff's Museum
Learn a little bit about the history of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department by visiting the Sheriff's Museum. At this educational center, visitors are able to take a look at historic documents, artifacts and photographs that are related to the Sheriff's Department. This museum aims to preserve the rich history of the department and to remember all of the heroic activities that have taken place over the years.

Solid Rock Gym and Rock Climbing
When looking for a little bit of adventure in your day, visit Solid Rock Gym and Rock Climbing. This indoor facility provides guests with the opportunity to climb a variety of rock walls that are designed for all skill levels. Whether it is your first time rock climbing or your are an expert at the sport, make your way over boulders and challenges to earn your own personal best. This rock climbing adventure is completely safe for children, making it a thrilling family-friendly activity.

Casa Del Rey Moro Museum
The Casa Del Rey Moro Museum exhibits over 6,000 years of African history from around the world. Take a walk through the museum and learn about the cultures of African-American, African-Spanish, and African-Mexican heritage. While many of these exhibits are located at the museum permanently, visitors can also experience traveling exhibits that are on display during select times.

Seeley Stables
Located in the Old Town State Historic Park is Seeley Stables. This museum is home to antique items that were once owned by Albert Steeley. Steeley ran stagecoach services between Los Angeles and San Diego. Exhibits feature authentic antique stagecoaches, surreys, carriages, covered wagons, and other vehicles that were drawn by horses.

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