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Dining near Old Town San Diego

Cafe Coyote y Cantina
Cafe Coyote y Cantina serves traditional Mexican food; all dishes are made from scratch, including their fresh hand-made tortillas! This restaurant has been voted the best Mexican restaurant seven times since the year 2005, making it one of the most well-loved choices for visitors to San Diego's Old Town area. The Academia del tequila has certified Cafe Coyote as a "Tequila House." It's one of only two restaurants in the whole of the United States that has qualified for this prestigious designation.

25 Forty Bistro
25 Forty Bistro offers inexpensive bistro dishes inspired by French, Spanish, and Italian cuisine. In addition, they have a lunch buffet and a happy hour offering half price on all food and drinks. The 25 Forty Bistro also offers an on-site bakery where you can purchase delicacies such as focaccia, croissants, tortes, and cookies. They also offer cooking classes!

No grouping of California restaurants would be complete without one that serves California-style cuisine; for trendy foodies, Bentowich offers Asian Fusion cuisine prepared from only the freshest of ingredients. With a versatile menu that caters to both vegetarians and meat-eaters, Bentowich is an inexpensive introduction to Asian Fusion cuisine. Their specialty is the Bento, a form of lunch popular in Japan. Visitors can order these complete lunches with a variety of different protein options, such as grilled seafood, tofu, chicken, Chinese pork, and prime rib. They are served with rice, noodles, and a salad. In addition, they offer a wide variety of sauces to accompany your lunch, with both traditional Japanese offerings and esoteric options from India and further abroad!

Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant
The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant brings diners back to the founding of California; they mix authentic Mexican cuisine dating from the 1870s with modern Nouveau American cuisine. Adding to the ambiance, the restaurant is located in a historic adobe building dating from the 1870s. In addition, they have a bed and breakfast on-site with ten rooms, allowing visitors to relax in luxury while eating delicious food!

La Pinata
La Pinata is Old Town San Diego's oldest restaurant, making it the oldest restaurant in all of San Diego! It began as a residence serving food in the early 1920s, and eventually became a full-fledged restaurant in 1968. They offer a wide variety of Mexican dishes, drawing upon both authentic traditional cuisine and modern border cuisine. In addition, they serve a wide variety of healthy dishes and use only canola oil for frying, making La Pinata an authentic restaurant that is great for health-conscious visitors to dine at!

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